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General Information About SM

The method of Sculpturing Massage (patent 2210350, 2697000) was created and tested in the physiology department of the Research Institute of Physical Culture, in Saint Petersburg, Russia by Andrey Grebennikov. The massage produces a selective effect on subcutaneous fat tissue to decrease it, intensifying skin lifting in the process, and muscle mass to increase it, leading to muscle toning and creation of a beautiful sculpted muscle image. The technique includes both well-known and newly-developed manual massage movements, elements of lymphatic drainage, stimulation of reflexogenic zones, biologically active points (acupressure) and aromatherapy.

257 women aged 17-62 participated in tests carried out from 1997 until 1999. Prior to a course of Sculpturing Massage, anthropometric measurements are carried out and the body parts that need to be corrected are determined and examined. In study groups where body correction was needed, waist and hip circumferences decreased by 3.5 cm and arm and shin circumferences increased by 2.3cm. The direction of the effects of the massage (i.e. decreasing subcutaneous fat or increasing muscular volume) depends on physiological processes occurring at the time the massage treatment is performed. The treatment procedure is based on the special massage movements performed in a particular sequence. The treatment is absolutely painless. No cosmetic creams or lotions are used during the treatment.

The result is effective for more than a year if the regular movement regime is followed. The massage also provides a significant reduction in the production of cellulite. Using physical exercises, cremes, gels, seaweed preparations, etc. increases the efficiency of the massage by 30-35%. The method produces splendid results in reshaping the human body which in itself is an advertisement for new clients.

The second stage of Sculpturing massage.

VERTO Massage is the method intended to correct age-related changes. The VERTO Massage is recommended:

- during the puerperal period. VERTO Massage improves the conditions of the puerperal period and is aimed to correct the bodyline, prevent musculoskeletal diseases and sleep disorder, improve appearance and overall health, allay irritability, decrease fatigue.

- during the menopause. VERTO Massage decreases the manifestations of the climacteric syndrome: resolves psychological discomfort, excessive blood fluxion, paroxysms and spasms, headache, sleep disorder.

- for body rejuvenation and to reverse age-related changes. VERTO Massage is aimed to rejuvenate the skin, ensure retardation of aging, increase muscle tonus, set and fixate correct posture, increase functional capabilities of the body and to ensure physical and psychological comfort.

Using the algorithms of these methods, just one course of sculpturing massage will help to reduce subcutaneous fat by 3-5cm on any part of the body (which has the excess of subcutaneous fat), significantly reduce the manifestation of cellulite, increase working efficiency, muscle tone and the strength of separate muscle groups as well as create a sculpted muscle look. The methods are soft, comfortable both for clients and massage therapists and do not require excessive physical efforts from the therapist. © 2001—2024 SM (Sculpturing massage)